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Our Clients Have This To Say:

  • "Airwave Strategies earns their fee"
  • "Looks out for landlord interest"
  • "Represents owners when working with engineers, field reps, contractors"
  • "Attends every pre-construction meeting"
  • "Very easy to work with"

AirWave Strategies Inc. is a full-service cellular site management company serving New York, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We have a hands-on philosophy in every aspect of tower and rooftop management. ASI represents a unique and powerful combination of telecommunications and real estate expertise. We generate additional income for property owners by leasing rooftop space to the telecommunications industry.

Rent Your Property to A Cell Phone Company Earn Income From Your Rooftop Add Value to Your Real Estate Portfolio Get A Cell Tower on Your Property

Airwave Strategies's Services

Management Company
Are you receiving the level of service that you deserve? Have your revenue expectations been met from your current wireless management company? Please call us for a free analysis of your roof and to discuss our services that we provide.

Construction Management Services
Have you signed a telecommunication lease? Are you concerned about the potential damage to your building or rooftop? The contractors completing the construction are not employees of the wireless carrier or you. They are sub-contractors and are more concerned with completing the construction quickly than ensuring maximum profitability and the welfare of your building. They do not care about your investment, only moving on to the next assignment. Hire an expert that will oversee the construction and make sure that it is completed to plans.

Our Cell Site Properties